How financially healthy is your business?

Organizations like loan providers, grant issuers, and insurance companies are making judgements about your business's financial health. These decisions affect how much funding you have access to and what kind of terms you will get.

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"My Hansa health score uncovered why I was rejected for my last credit card application."

— Sterling, Owns a Construction Business

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Put a stop to loan denials, look better on grant applications, and get better terms for you business across the board.

Your score can tell you what information lenders and other funding providers look for, with real-time insights into your business’s cash flows, assets, and debt management.

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"My Hansa health score uncovered why I was rejected for my last credit card application."

— Sterling, owns a construction business

"I didn't realize the NAICS code I select on loan applications affects my approval."

— Kim, owns a pet grooming business

"Hansa showed me 3 business loans that I'm qualified for - I didn't think I could get any”

— Barbara, owns a beauty parlor

Don't wait. Your business health is everything.

The key to accessing funding and favorable terms for your business lies in highlighting your business's health and credibility. Find out how healthy your business looks today to get started.

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Understanding the financial health of your businesses will give you the insights you need to grow and improve your business. Seeing and improving your score can open up new opportunities for your business and help you secure access to more favorable deals on all sorts of financial products.

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