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Hansa is a free app to build your business and improve your access to funding, credit, and other essential services.

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Hansa Health Score

Ever wondered how financial institutions and funding providers make decisions about your business?  

Meet Hansa's Health Score: a metric that ranges from 0 to 850, reflecting your cash flows, assets, and debt management. Get the top factors influencing your score, focus your efforts, and gain confidence in pursuing credit with our real-time model.

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Secure Financing, Build Credit

Hansa opens doors to up to 20 credit products, from business credit cards to traditional loans and credit lines. We even have business financing options that are tied to your EIN, so you can get the money you need without having to worry about personal credit risk!

The best part? Hansa allows you to report payments on these products to boost your business credit, ensuring your positive financial efforts translate into better funding options over time.

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Get Ready For Grants

Searching for small business grants can be a pain. There's too many places to look, and everything is spread out. Instead of going through dozens of websites on your own - from non-profit, private, local gov, and state grant providers - let Hansa do the work for you. Just tell us a few things about your business and we'll find the best possible grant for your situation.

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Earn Rewards

Hansa is your trusted partner to help strengthen your business' financial health. We believe that building business credit should be a breeze, not a burden. Unlike other services that charge you, Hansa rewards you for keeping your profile updated. Others are already benefitting from your information, you should too!

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You know your business best, tell us about it.

With so much information out there about your business, financial providers don't know what to believe. Set the record straight with Hansa. We let you control how you share your information, put it in the right hands, and save you time and money along the way.

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I love being in control over one of my most important assets: my business's reputation

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