Introducing Hansa

Today, I’m excited to share the first iteration of Hansa, a platform where Small Businesses can take control of their data to save time and money. There is a lot more to come, but, for now, the concept is simple: tell us about your business, and we will recommend products you need at a discount you can’t beat. 

Having worked with small businesses for approximately three years, first at Capital One (where I worked on the Spark business credit card) and later at Koalafi (where I worked on partnering with small businesses to offer customer financing), I had a front-row seat to the challenges small businesses face finding the right trust1 products at an affordable price. I also saw how a lack of good information about small businesses hampered businesses large and small and made it harder for them to do business with each other affordably and confidently.

I’m starting Hansa to bridge this information gap and put power in the hands of the businesses who join. 

We’d love to hear from you if you have feedback or are interested in learning more. Please email us at

Edouard Asmar,


1 Trust products are products that require the seller to place trust in the user or buyer. Think loans, credit cards, POS systems, business insurance, Buy Now Pay Later partnerships, etc…