A funding assistant that works for you, not for referral fees.

Most platforms take referral fees from loan providers and other partners, meaning they may be biased to present you with whatever pays them the best. Since you pay Hansa directly, our assistant is built around what’s best for you. Let's work together to find you funding and grow your business finances.

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"Hansa has significantly contributed to my business's progress!"

— Mikel, sought funding for his business but wasn't sure where to start.

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Getting capital for your business has never been easier.

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Shorten the search—get the right loan options, brought straight to you.

We work with businesses every day of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need capital for a large upcoming expense, equipment, or just to grow your operation—Hansa can help you find it.

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Find the grants that you'll have the best chances with.

Searching for the right grants to apply for is an arduous process that usually involves searching dozens of sites and filtering your options to ones that suit you and your business. Hansa can automate all of that and match you directly with the most relevant grants out there.

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Build healthier business finances.

Getting the best funding options is not an overnight process. Hasna can help give you an idea of how credit-worthy you look to funding partners and coach you through the steps to improve.

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Hansa members enjoy access to capital as well as a wide variety of other tools and resources that make running a company easier.

By signing up for Hansa, you're joining other folks just like yourself who want to level up their businesses.

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"I love this!"

— Sterling, owns a construction business

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— Kim, owns a pet grooming business

"Mind blowing”

— Barbara, owns a beauty parlor

Let the Hansa business assistant find capital for you.

For $5.99/month, you'll get an AI assistant that's been trained to help businesses like yours find funding. Whether you need capital for an upcoming expense, equipment, growth, or even just to get started—Hansa can help.

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The road to getting funded doesn't have to be difficult.

Every business owner we've talked to has described feeling lost or overwhelmed at some point of their journey. Hansa can help streamline the process, provide clarity and guide you through things like never before.

With Hansa's business assistant, getting capital for your business doesn't have to take forever, and you'll never have to do it alone.

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