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Grants are a great opportunity for small business owners to get funding for their goals.

Hansa helps you proactively search for grants that fit your business and we can walk you through the ins and outs of the application process.

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Get funding from places you didn't know existed

We're designing Hansa to save you time when researching and preparing for grant applications.

Uncover details about grants that you've always wanted to know about. You'll learn about the benefits of grants and explore various grant types—government, nonprofit, private—and gain insights into their success rates.

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We can help you find new grants, assess your eligibility for each, and prepare you for the application process.


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"I love this!”

— Sterling, owns a construction business

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Are grants really free? Do they have to be paid back?

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Grants, built for small business owners like you

Curious about grants? Look no further. Our grants program is for business owners just like you.

Hansa can help you learn more about grants, understand how to prepare your business for a grant, and finally, find and apply for a grant.

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